Whey Protein is FAST

Last Updated: April 6, 2017

Whey Protein is FAST and it is better than Casein for Muscle Growth

Whey protein from grass-fed animals could be the best source of nutritional protein known to man. High quality concentrated whey has a lot of nutritional value and it is quickly and easily digested by the digestive system.

Whey protein has now been shown in studies out of the Netherlands to stimulate muscle growth towards muscle gain more effectively than casein.(1) Whey protein ingestion is fast while casein is slow. Casein has been used as a slow-release of amino acids may have been thought to have a longer lasting and more substantial effect than whey in the past. This study appears to show that whey actually yields a greater increase in muscle building effects even though it is released quickly.

The biggest difference is Leucine. Whey protein has high concentrations of the amino acid leucine. Casein also contains this amino acid but in smaller quantities. Leucine is the main nutritional trigger for a protein called mTOR which is responsible for cellular metabolism, growth and proliferation.

Scientists have found that whey has a greater effect on mTOR because of its abundance in whey. Therefore it is a better option for muscle production during the day than casein. Casein releases its muscle building properties slower than whey so it has a longer lasting effect. Therefore it is a better option for muscle production throughout the night.

Once again the information can be misleading and used to justify a specific protocol of product if it is not applied properly.

Both of these proteins, whey and casein contain very similar essential amino acid profiles that are required for muscle growth and production. They do act differently and therefore should be taken at the right times to produce the best results for your metabolism.

Whey protein can be consumed intermittently all day because it is quickly absorbed and used to produce muscle. If casein is being consumed it should come from A2 cows, goats or sheep and eaten with the evening meal so that it can be slowly released for muscle growth as you sleep and because it is longer lasting. (2)

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