Champions Nutrition Plan

Last Updated: April 4, 2017

We have had the opportunity to work with some very high-level athletes at the Olympic Games, Olympic trials, numerous World Championship Events as well as taking care of athletes at the local level.  We even had the pleasure of working at the World Crossfit games in the past and enjoyed seeing the fittest athletes in the world perform at such high levels.

We all need fuel for our bodies to perform at our highest level.  We want to give you an idea about what the highest performing athletes take in to function everyday.

Here is the champion’s nutrition plan that was developed for our amateur and professional athletes to help them perform at their best.

The advanced plan is 6 weeks prior to an event.  The core plan is for everyday training.


Advanced Plan                                                                                                Core Plan
(2-3 weeks out)                                                                                             (day to day)

Almond Butter(2servings)-Celery
Or Mixed Veggies, 2-4 Eggs
Wake Up Grainless Cereal (2 Servings), 2-4 Eggs, Banana, Raw or Almond Milk, 1-2 Tbsp Almond butter
 Protein shake/ Coconut H2O Morning Workout Protein shake/ Coconut H2O
4 Eggs, Berries or Mixed Veggies 11:30/12:30 w/in hour of practice 2 slices of toast(Ezekial/Cocolithic), 4 Eggs, 1-2 pcs/fruit
Chicken Salad w/Almonds, Pecans 3:00 Chicken breast, side salad, brown rice
1 serving mixed veggies, Tbsp of Almond butter or Coconut Oil 30-60 mins before Workout Fruit w/ Tbsp of Coconut Oil or Almond butter
Protein shake, Coconut H20 After Workout Protein shake w/ fruit, Coconut H2O
Meat, mixed veggies, almonds (could sub fajitas)  Evening Meal Meat, Veggies, almonds, piece of fruit for desert (could sub fajitas)
2 servings, full fat cottage cheese or Protein shake or Almond butter 30-60 mins before bed time 2 servings, full fat cottage cheese or Protein shake or Almond butter


• 2-3 hours before match, whole grains, fats and a small amount of protein will do the trick
• Prior to match (30 min), eat a little bit of fruit, and fat (coconut oil) (gives you a small spike, w/out plummet)
• Prior to workout, raw cocoa and 25g of protein (only if at fight weight, hold off, if heavy)
• Post workout, your body is nitrogen-poor and your muscles broken down. Up the proteins(25g+), coconut oil and raw cocoa (can do vegetable carbohydrates 90 mins post)

    FAT 37kJ/g PROTEIN 17 kJ/g CARBOHYDRATES 16 kJ/g
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