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Last Updated: April 10, 2017

Healthy Weight Loss is not only about losing weight it is about creating a healthy metabolism.  Research has also shown that intense exercise does not necessarily increase the amount of calories you burn. (1)

Most people when pushed can lose weight for a short period of time but they tend to gain back more weight than they started with.  The key to your success is changing your metabolism and your lifestyle.

Changing your metabolism is the easy part of the solution.  The lifestyle part needs to be changed through two steps: accountability to someone and working your plan with a group of people.

In order to begin changing your metabolism you must understand the benefits of the calories you consume.  Not all calories are created equal.

In order to be accountable you have to choose someone that can help you you’re your plan.  Usually it is better to have someone you do not know that can be objective hold you accountable.  The group you choose to join or become part of should have similar goals and values to yours. Over time the only weight loss program that has proven to be effective year after year has two characteristics. The program provides accountability and it develops a community of people that have similar goals.

We design weight loss programs for people depending on their current needs and goals.  Our staff works to keep people accountable and we have a community of people online that monitor and establish a group for your success.

Our clinical program has been extremely successful helping people reset their metabolism and lose up to 40 pounds in 6 weeks if they want or creating an exercise program and meal plan that helps them reset their metabolism over one year and lose 90 pounds.  Let us know your specific needs and we can direct you to the right lifestyle for your situation.

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