Last Updated: April 10, 2017

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But it is not because of what you eat it is because of how you eat.

Breakfast is the end of a period of digestive processes and hormone activity that has occurred overnight. It is very important to consider how you are breaking the fast that you have performed throughout the night.

Here are a few examples of breakfast plans that are easy to digest and great to start your day.

Water- water is actually a great thing to have by your bedside to drink immediately upon waking. Water makes up 70% of your body mass and you should try to drink at least one liter before 9 am.

Juices- Vegetable juices with fruits are a great way to get in a lot of nutrients that can be easily digested. Avoid high sugar juices that create insulin spikes.

Smoothies- Homemade smoothies can be very good to start your day. As with juicing you should not use too much high fructose sugar to create a high insulin release. These tend to contain more fiber than juices.

Bone Broth- This is probably the most trendy thing to have for breakfast these days although I remember my Korean roommate in 1993 eating bone broth for breakfast. We used to call it soup. This meal is easy to digest and full of great proteins and minerals for a great start to your day.

Breaking your fast ie. breakfast is an important start to your day because it sets the tone for how your digestion starts to feed your body the nutrients it needs to keep your healthy all day long.

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