Last Updated: March 31, 2017

The mitochondria are active in creating energy for your cells to stay alive and healthy.  They gather the nutrients of the cell to produce energy so that the cell can perform its functions.

Mitochondrial damage has been shown to contribute to an increased aging process. (1) (2) (3)

If you think of the mitochondria and compare it to the battery in your cell phone then you will have a basic understanding of its function.  Without the mitochondria the cell loses power.  If the mitochondria loses power then the cell will not function at its optimal rate.

When the specific chemical components of the mitochondria’s output are measured a determination can be made as to what is working properly and what is deficient or damaged.  The process of measuring your mitochondria’s working chemical reactions gives you an idea of how efficiently your cells are working to create their own health.

When you obtain your results from your testing you can make appropriate changes to help your mitochondria run more efficiently.  True health comes at the cellular level and the mitochondria are the key players in keeping the cells from becoming diseased and dying.

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