Cell Membrane

Last Updated: March 31, 2017

Your cell membrane is the gate-keeper for a healthy cell and it is at the cellular level where health begins. When you come to understand the importance of the cell in your health it makes sense to try to help your cells be as healthy as possible. The first place to start is THE CELL MEMBRANE.

The health of the cell wall is what allows everything inside of the cell to grow and reproduce normally. It is like the walls you have around your house. They protect everything inside of your house and allow for normal activity.

The majority of the cell membrane is composed of fatty acids and water. There are also other materials embedded in the cell membrane that allow or reject a substance to enter into the cell.

If you struggle with pain from inflammation, chronic joint problems or disease it is almost certain that your cell membranes are inflamed. Almost certain is not accurate enough for us. It is not accurate enough for my family. It is not accurate enough for my friends or my patients. That is why we test the health of the cell membrane.

The health of the cell membrane can be determined by measuring the fats and water that it is composed of. This requires bloodspot test that you can order now.

When you measure to see if the fats in your cells are damaged you can change direction and set a plan up to repair the fats that help compose your cellular membranes.

When your cells are healthy then your health can improve.

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