The Cost of Health

Last Updated: March 31, 2017

The cost of health is one of the most blatant myths in my country. People assume that their “health care” should or will be covered by insurance companies or the government.  This creates a lethargic attitude towards health. It is not even health care that insurances and the government pay for. It is really relief care, sick care or emergency care.

Socialized medicine has benefits when people are injured or dying and they normally could not afford care. The dark side to socialized medicine is that it makes people believe that they are entitled to free treatments. The problem is the attitude that believes something is deserved does not inspire us to take immediate action.

I have taught patients for 15 years that you should SPEND 10% of your income on your health right now. Not save for your medical needs but Invest in your health. You should do it while you are healthy. You should do it everyday.

Think about the investment in your house over your lifetime. A lot of people will spend 30% of their paycheck every month on their rent or mortgage. Your house is a valuable investment. If you spend $200,000 over your lifetime on a mortgage a lot of people would believe that was a worthy investment. Some people would argue $1,000,000 dollars should be spent on a house.

What if I said you should spend $500,000 on your health over your lifetime. Would that sound crazy to you?  Health is more about what you value than it is about the dollar value!!!

What you spend your money on is a demonstration of your priorities in life. I can tell you that there is an urgency to taking care of your health when something goes wrong. Then people scramble to find money to get well. I have sat with multi-millionaires who waited too long to take care of there health. At the point when they had all the money they needed to do whatever they wanted their health had suffered so much that there was literally no amount of money in the world that could buy them there health back.

If you consistently invest in your health over time, your chances of having good health outcomes should increase.

I have sought out the best methods to determine where you are at and what you can do for your health right now. Invest today so that you can enjoy a better quality of life and increase your probability of great health for your life.

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