The 6 things all healthy people do

Last Updated: March 31, 2017

The 6 things all healthy people do may not be the “how-to” list you were expecting.

I had the opportunity to travel to South America a couple of years back to give some health talks and discuss the problems in their culture. The thing that stood out to me was that when these people suffered or lost their health and started to have problems their whole life was affected.  Not only were their own lives impacted but the lives of their friends and families were also hit hard. Many had to give up valuable time and resources to care for their sick. If they belonged to an extended church family or community group then that group was also impacted.

That trip reminded me of how in North America our neglect of health has caused a tremendous burden on our culture. It is mostly due to the choices we make everyday.

Our health is one of the most incredible gifts we have been given. A study from the University of Colombia showed that 95% of our health comes from our lifestyle choices. We all have genes that we are born with but the science of epigenetics shows us that we can activate and deactivate our genes by how we live.

What a wonderful and amazing thing to know for our outlook and our mindset about our health choices we can make.

Here are some of the things that you can do to help yourself become the healthiest version of you.

  • Determine WHY you want to be healthy. This may sound basic but it will help you through some difficult decisions. It will also keep you on track everyday to do healthy things. The bigger your “why” is the easier it will be to make great decisions concerning your health. I’ve also found that if your “”why” involves more than just your self that you will pursue it with more purpose. (Create a link to “how big is your why” post)
  • Be willing to make small changes everyday. If you changed 1 thing today that could make you healthier in 20 years it would not be overwhelming. If you changed 1 thing per week you would be doing 52 things better by the end of the year. If you added 1 thing per day you would be doing 365 things better this year!!!
  • Start planning to be healthy. The biggest failure I see in my practice is that people don’t have a health plan. I’m not talking about an insurance plan I’m talking about a written plan that describes what they are going to do to invest in their most valuable asset (their health). The reason a written plan is so important is because when you do get sick (and the odds are you will have health challenges) you will normally default to what a health professional tells you to do instead of understanding how you want to take care of your problem. This creates more stress and causes further anxiety as you deal with your health. Being proactive can be challenging in the front end but it is a lot easier on the back end.
  • Spend more money on your health while you are healthy. I have heard so many people say I can’t afford healthy food or I am going to buy the cheaper supplements because they are more affordable. The truth of health spending is that if you are not consistently investing in it then you will have to pay more when you lose it. I have sat with millionaires who have lost there health due to neglect and they would trade all the money they have made to be healthy but they can’t. They have problems that have built up over the years that cannot be overcome. Yet, if they would have addressed these things along the way they may have avoided the problems that were leading to their poor health conditions. My family’s policy is buy the best when it comes to your health.
  • Find the right health tests use them to monitor your progress. It is important when you begin taking more action with your healthcare and your family’s healthcare that you choose the right tests to direct your plan. If you are constantly listening to people or reading things that contradict your plan then you will not move forward. You must choose to re-evaluate if necessary or change who you are taking your advice from. In my practice I like to try to take the opinions (background noise) out of the plan by finding appropriate objective tests that measure health. Then I can retest and see how I am doing with my progress. Finding appropriate objective tests is the best way to gauge if your plan is working or if it needs to be modified.
  • Hang around with healthy people. Most of us know that you become similar to the people you spend the most time with. If you surround yourself with healthy people it is more likely that you will start to live a life that creates more health for you. Accountability and support create health success and being with people who share your passion will improve your chances of becoming the healthy person you picture yourself being. The greatest part of being around people who choose to be healthy is that they always love to see more people become healthy!

You get one chance at your health.

Be prepared.

Choose to be proactive not reactive.

Make a plan and work your plan.

You can do it!

Picture your life in 20 or 30 years. What do you want it to look like? How do you want to feel when you get out of bed in the morning? How do you want your daily energy levels to be? What is your quality of life?

I see two types of people as they age. People who are busy with doctors appointments all day and people who are out walking and exercising, travelling and enjoying their grandchildren. I’d encourage you to choose today to make a plan to be on a cruise ship not in a nursing home. They both have the same monthly cost but they are two totally different experiences.

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