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Last Updated: April 10, 2017

You will perform better at noon or night or in the morning???

I am so confused about when to exercise!?!

Aerobic exercises have been tested and the results are that you will have better performance of a cardiovascular-based workout if you do it in the middle of the day or the evening? Anaerobic exercise results have come back and say that you should workout in the morning when your circadian rhythm is producing the most hormones?

One study measured high school students at three times of the day, morning, noon and evening. The noontime workouts produced the greatest VO2 Max (oxygen uptake) was found in the noon time workout. (1)

When a study involving morning versus night exercise performance was done it was agreed upon that evening performance was greatest for aerobic workouts. (2)

When professional athletes were put through tests to determine which time of day they performed better, they had better results in the evening versus the morning as well. (3)

One thing we know is that there are variations in how the body responds to working out different times of the day. Testosterone, cortisol and growth hormone all help and hinder your workouts.

The most important point is that you get a workout in! If you are busy and have a full schedule then even 15 minutes can be used effectively to change your body’s physiology for the day.

From all the literature combined the most important aspect that has to be considered is your personal body composition and daily patterns. (4) The internal hard drive that keeps you repairing and building new healthy cells must be investigated for you to get the best results.

This is why we advocate doing the proper research and testing to determine your specific needs. Your friends, personal trainers or doctors do not have the answers for your body type and requirements. Only your body has the map for what your body needs.

We want you to have the ultimate success with your workouts and more importantly your health. Get tested now to find out your specific needs and discover what time of day your workout will give you the greatest benefits.

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