The Best Kind Of Exercise

Last Updated: April 10, 2017


The best kind of exercise you can to change your outlook on life was studied and reported on in a Harvard publication in 1999. (1). It said that aerobic exercise lasts longer than an anti-depressant drug for depression.

There is a better form of exercise for your metabolism.  It is called metabolic conditioning.

Although virtually all hormones are directly or indirectly influenced by metabolic conditioning the ones that are most relevant are the hormones HGH and testosterone. These hormones play a role in a variety of functions but most notably in building lean muscle tissue. Growth hormone plays such a large role in muscle development and optimal performance that athletes often make attempts to ARTIFICIALLY introduce HGH. Of course this practice is illegal. Besides, artificial introduction has many undesireable side-effects.

The body can naturally produce HGH. The greatest spikes of HGH are associated with a good sleep patterns and exercise.  High intensity exercise produces the most HGH.

The other hormone of typical discussion when exercise is the topic is cortisol aka the “stress” hormone. It breaks down tissue.  Cortisol has many effects on human physiology and at the proper times in the proper circumstances cortisol helps maintain proper homeostasis. However, excessive amounts of cortisol released at  undesired times results in disruption of many body functions (particularly blood sugar regulation and can causes muscle wasting).

The bottom line is that metabolic conditioning gets your hormones and metabolism working FOR you.

  1. High-intensity exercise reverses most of the risk factors associated with metabolic syndrome.
  2. After 16 weeks of a high-intensity exercise program, almost half of the patients enrolled in the trial no longer had metabolic syndrome, without making any changes to their diets.
  3. Less impressive gains were seen with consistent, moderate exercise.

Dr Arnt Erik Tjønna, Circulation, July 7, 2008

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