Healthy Weight Loss

Ketosis Avacado Tuna Melt Bite

Achieving Nurtitional ketosis can be a real challenge. Once you get there you can really start to enjoy some fun foods. These tuna bites are some of my favorites as an appetizer or a main course. Avacado Tuna Melt Bite • 10 oz. Read More

Fuel Choices For Fat Burning

One example, the main idea of a ketogenic diet, is to eat around 70% FATS 25% PROTEIN and 5% CARBOHYDRATES for a period of time while you perform intermittent fasts. You must keep your net carbohydrate consumption to 20 grams or less per Read More

16 Hours For Weight Loss

If you consume your nutrition for 8 hours per day and do not eat for 16 hours per day your chances for changing your metabolism increases. What you consume in your 8 hours of eating will determine what sources of macro-nutrients your body Read More


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But it is not because of what you eat it is because of how you eat. Breakfast is the end of a period of digestive processes and hormone activity that has occurred overnight. It Read More

Healthy Weight Loss Lifestyle

Healthy Weight Loss is not only about losing weight it is about creating a healthy metabolism.  Research has also shown that intense exercise does not necessarily increase the amount of calories you burn. (1) Most people when pushed can lose weight for a Read More

Champions Nutrition Plan

We have had the opportunity to work with some very high-level athletes at the Olympic Games, Olympic trials, numerous World Championship Events as well as taking care of athletes at the local level.  We even had the pleasure of working at the World Read More

Gelato Strawberry Dessert

This is a quick dessert snack for the kids in the summer. Both Strawberries and Avacados are full of antioxidants. Avocados, which are actually classified as a fruit, provide energy from their rich are monounsaturated fat supply and are easily burned for energy. Read More

Fat Bomb Smoothie

This fat bomb is so simple and easy. You can make it as you rush out the door to take to the kids to activities. Loaded with great fats from coconut oil which has so many benefits as you maintain your FAT BURNING Read More

Coconut Butter Truffles

These are great snacks that can be made and frozen or eaten after they have been thawed out. Coconut benefits (1) help keep you in a nutritional ketosis supporting brain function. It is best to start your kids at a young age with Read More

Cheesy Fritatas

Two of our favorite foods for healthy fat: Cheese and eggs. The detriments of both have been overstated since the low fat craze. Every cell in your body requires both fat and water to build its protective wall that regulates how it grows Read More