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You will combine two tests that will give your assigned health care practitioner a chance to study how your metabolism is working. These tests require a bloodspot test and a urine test. These tests will use 58 different markers that are specifically designed Read More


The mitochondria are active in creating energy for your cells to stay alive and healthy.  They gather the nutrients of the cell to produce energy so that the cell can perform its functions. Mitochondrial damage has been shown to contribute to an increased Read More

Cell Membrane

Your cell membrane is the gate-keeper for a healthy cell and it is at the cellular level where health begins. When you come to understand the importance of the cell in your health it makes sense to try to help your cells be Read More

At Home

As the world changes and services like Amazon Prime grow we have all become aware that you can get what you need quicker online. If you are suffering from diabetes, heart disease, leaky gut or metabolic syndrome you should not have to wait Read More