Manchester United Fitness Test

Do this test to monitor your fitness. Manchester United Fitness Test • Length of run is 100 yds. • RUN SPRINT TIME/ RECOVERY TIME: 1-10: 25 sec / 35 sec 11: 24 sec / 36 sec 12: 23 sec / 37 sec 13: Read More

You will perform better

You will perform better at noon or night or in the morning??? I am so confused about when to exercise!?! Aerobic exercises have been tested and the results are that you will have better performance of a cardiovascular-based workout if you do it Read More

The Best Kind Of Exercise

THE BEST KIND OF EXERCISE THAT CHANGES YOUR OUTLOOK ON LIFE The best kind of exercise you can to change your outlook on life was studied and reported on in a Harvard publication in 1999. (1). It said that aerobic exercise lasts longer than Read More

Exercise Is Better Than Drugs

Exercise Is Better Than Drugs For Your Attitude 1. High-intensity exercise reverses most of the risk factors associated with metabolic syndrome. 2. After 16 weeks of a high-intensity exercise program, almost half of the patients enrolled in the trial no longer had metabolic Read More

Metabolic Exercise Plan

Sample Metabolic Exercise Plan Complete 4 rounds of each exercise Perform exercise for 30 seconds Rest for 30 seconds in between each round of exercise you perform You can rest the same 30 seconds or up to 1 minute after 4 rounds of Read More

Metabolic Exercise

Metabolic Exercise when done correctly should help you effectively use your time and energy for working out and help you achieve the best results for your health. A study from 2008 Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research (1) compared doing strength and cardio Read More